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We have assisted many countries in establishing deposit systems
to help them protect the environment

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The Introduction Need To know

RVM is not only a product, but also a continuous,timely support.
For this reason, we are online 24 hours a day without holiday of 365
to ensure timely response


Company Name:Shenzhen Ke Goo Intelligence Co. Ltd
Our Main Product: Reverse Vending Machine
Company personality:Intelligent R & D factory ; customization ; Proofing->finalization->batch
Brand: KeGoo
Company advantage(Important Info):
1:Everyone of our team is shareholder,we invest together,so efficient, hardworking, enthusiastic and positive
2:Every production process, video and pictures will be sent for recording to customer or live broadcast to customers(Debugging part).
3:Customized R & D or provide interface to customers for secondary development
4:The company occupies a small area, with 8 members holding shares in a team, so it has no management personnel and sufficient experience, so the cost is low and the quality is high, To the same quality,our price is the lowest price in the world.
Core Team: 10 people
Skilled In Program Lang: PHP, VB, C#, C, Python, JS,Java,MYSQL
Accept customization: YES (R&D fees)
Existing systems: Yes
Output per month: 50~80 machines
Signing and payment:Account Name: Dongguan Guigu Intelligent Trading Company SWIFT/BIC: CITIHKHX Account Number: 705090911
For more convenient collection
This is newest genaration
speed 20 bottles/per min
if you need this please ask to us

Contact Us
Email : [email protected]
Call : (86)13918715708
WeChat : 379666389 qq:379666389 whatsapp:+0086 13918715708

What is a reverse vending machine?

A Reverse Vending Machine, also referred to as a RVM, is a Collection Point for consumers to return their Empty Containers. The machine, unlike a bin, selectively accepts or refuses containers depending on how the software is set up in conjunction to the onboard sensors. The users experience ends with a reward for returning the containers in the form of a printed redeemable voucher or an option to donate to a charity. By tracking the returned containers and rewarding users, adopting a reverse vending machine dramatically increases the percentage of containers that remain in the circular loop of recycled materials.

Instruction description

1:If you want to know more, please meet us through Zoom. Wechat: 379666389 ; TEL:+0086 13918715708 ; Email:[email protected] (WhatsApp cannot be used in China)

2:Website: (there are many videos demo in website).
3:Our design engineers are very excellent designers in China. We can design stickers for you free.
   You only need to give us design elements or sample drawing, and we will make the appearance design of stickers for you.
4: I don't recommend big changes, because our system and process have been verified by the market
   (More than 120 RVMS have been operating in Hong Kong for 2 years),   so the whole system is very stable.
5:We will make annual maintenance costs, annual maintenance costs. But under China's strict epidemic control.
    at present, we mainly take remote assistance as the maintenance work. I hope you can arrange local people who understand Chinese.
    In this way, we can better solve various maintenance problems.
6:If you need to customize the appearance of the whole RVM shell and customize functions, we will propose development fees and design fees.
7:Due to changes in exchange rates, raw materials and chip prices, our monthly quotation will be refreshed.
8:Our RVM has a very powerful background management system and for free,You can visit the system video Link.
9:Please provide your address. We will consult the agent about the freight cost. We can send RVM to the address your specify in any country .
10.AI image recognition is used for classification, identifying whether it can be recycled, and classifying it into a designated recycling bin.

11:A compression device filled with energy that flattens or crushes bottles. reverse vending machine

Current Customized Products Pictures We Have Made

reverse vending machine reverse vending machine reverse vending machine reverse vending machine

Our Works/products/success case


If by air
Air transport needs to lie down

Packing before shipment

Loading container

Delivery arrived
Arrive at local then unpacking


Hard Aspact

  • Crasher
  • 4G Modular
  • 49 Inch Screen
  • Return Gift On The Spot
  • Ultrasound Overflow Detection
  • Pulley Under The Bottom
  • Weighing induction

Software Aspact

  • Background Management Function
  • Automatic Recognize Bar Code
  • Image Recognition
  • Api Docking
  • Advertising Display
  • Overflow Detection And Remote Alarm
  • Large Data Visualization

Back-End System

  • Real-time Data Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Print Management
  • Advertising Management
  • User Barcode Recording
  • Map Display
  • Remote Alarm

Our Process

  • Put Forward Demand ↓
  • Make Detail Contract ↓
  • Front Money ↓
  • Production ↓
  • Check Before Acceptance↓
  • Tail Money↓
  • Deliver goods↓

Our Team

reverse vending machine

Chen Zhen


CEO, chief designer, has won many awards in the field of design, and has been the design director of Gree for 6 years.

reverse vending machine

Chu Sheng Feng

General manager

Has many years of experience in Software technology, participated in management.responsible for lot of major projects.

Get In Touch

Contact Details

Tianfu Road Number 3 Guangming district ShenZhen Of China
Phone: +86-13918715708

Company Details

Company NAME: Dongguan Guigu Intelligent Trading Company
ADDRESS:3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong Country/Region: Hong Kong Type of Account: Business Account